Pokémon Go has become the most popular mobile game on the planet, but even we have to admit that the game is a bit lacking when it comes to teaching players how to battle. This often leaves new trainers blindly smashing their fingers into the screen, and while that might be enough to get by, it’s pretty far from optimal. So here’s a list of tips on what you need to know to be the very best battler in Pokémon Go.


While developer Niantic has already said it’s working on more ways to battle, right now the only place you can fight against others in Pokémon Go is at a gym. To battle, you’ll need to first hit level 5, and then join a team. The team you pick — Mystic, Valor or Instinct — determines what kind of battle you’re going to have when you go to a gym.

If you visit a gym claimed by another team, you can pick six Pokémon to face off against all the opposing Pokémon currently at that location. You start off facing the weakest Pokemon in the gym, working your way up one by one until you’ve beaten every Pokémon in the gym or all your Pokémon have fainted.

However, if you visit a gym claimed by your own team, you get to take only one Pokémon into battle. In this situation, your goal is to defeat as many Pokémon as you can before your one Pokémon runs out of health.


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