NEW YORK — The Tales series of Japanese role-playing games has always been popular with female fans, but up until now, the franchise has never had a leading lady to call its own. Tales of Berseria will change that when the world meets Velvet: a young woman out for revenge in a morally complicated world. As the first game in the franchise built from the ground up for PlayStation 4, the title features revamped graphics and an agreeably complex combat system as well.

I got to go hands-on with a 10-minute demo of Tales of Berseria at a Bandai Namco press event. The game is due out next month in Japan, and as such, all of the dialogue and menus still in Japanese. (When it comes stateside, players will be able to choose between Japanese and English voice tracks, as well as a variety of subtitles.) As such, I didn’t get a great sense of the colorful party members or their globetrotting quest, but a helpful representative filled in a few of the gaps.


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