LOS ANGELES — Ever since I was 11 years old, I’ve been a big Star Trek fan, and like all Star Trek fans, I’ve dreamed about serving aboard a Federation starship. Sure, I’ve played plenty of Star Trek games that approximate the fantasy, but Star Trek: Bridge Crew is the first time I’ve ever really felt like I was serving as part of a real crew. This virtual reality experience combines the excitement of an episode of Star Trek with the thrill of cooperative multiplayer, and it’s sure to please even VR-resistant Trekkies like myself.

I got to play a hands-on demo of Star Trek: Bridge Crew at E3 2016, and I really do mean “hands-on.” My crew and I used four Oculus headsets and the corresponding Touch controllers to play the game, and there are no fancy button calisthenics; you just use your hands to manipulate your bridge console, just like on the show.


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