LOS ANGELES — After playing as much Injustice 2 as possible without getting kicked off the E3 show floor, I’m happy to report that punching superheroes in the face feels better than ever. This follow up to NetherRealm Studios’ hit DC Comics fighting game retains its predecessor’s tight brawling and over-the-top special moves, while adding a new layer of strategy to the mix with a gear system that allows you to create your own version of heroes such as Superman and Batman.

New Blood

Having poured an ungodly amount of hours into the original Injustice, playing Part Two felt like slipping into a cozy spandex suit. Returning characters such as Batman, Superman and Aquaman play almost identically to their Injustice 1 counterparts, retaining many of the same satisfying chain combos and hero-specific powers. But the real fun came when I got to try three of Injustice 2’s newcomers: Atrocitus, Gorilla Grodd and Supergirl.


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