Streaming mobile games to Twitch is generally pretty tricky. Unless your favorite game has built-in Twitch support, you’ll have to to rig your mobile device, computer and webcam together in a complicated mess of wires. Thanks to BlueStacks, however, that process now just takes a few clicks on your desktop. 

The popular Android emulator, which lets you run mobile games on your PC and Mac, is now fully integrated with Twitch, allowing you to go live on the world’s biggest livestreaming platform for games without even touching your phone. Whether you’re looking to show off your Hearthstone skills or want the whole world to see how amazing your Clash of Clans castle is, here’s how to stream Android games to Twitch via BlueStacks.

Setting Up BlueStacks

1. Visit to download the free BlueStacks TV app. Once you’re done downloading, install and open the app.

2. If your Google account isn’t connected to BlueStacks yet, click on any app under the Android tab to begin One Time Setup. All you’ll need to do is log in to your Google account (or make a new one), and follow a few quick authorization prompts.

3. Return to the Android tab, select your program of choice, and select Install once you’re taken to the Google Play Store.

4. Open whichever game or app you want to stream.

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Going Live on Twitch


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