When Miitomo was first announced, I thought it was dumb. I wanted Nintendo’s first mobile game to be a game, not some strange life simulator with Mii avatars. However, after spending the last 4 hours laughing uncontrollably, watching my friends’ Miis breakdance and make terrifying faces, I get it. Miitomo is a wonderfully weird experiment.

Miitomo (available for free on iOS and Android) is one of those inexplicably addicting experiences in which you don’t actually do much at all. You simply create or import a Mii avatar, try on silly outfits and answer random questions about your favorite foods and TV shows. However, once you start interacting with friends and rack up enough coins to dress yourself as a cat or hot dog, it’s hard to stop. Here are a few reasons why I, along with about half the Tom’s Guide staff, can’t stop playing Miitomo.

Character Customization is Pretty Great

If you’ve ever made a Mii avatar on a Nintendo console, you’ll be right at home in Miitomo. You can individually handpick a bunch of cartoony facial features, or have the game generate one for your using your selfie cam. You can even import your existing Mii from your Nintendo Account.

Aside from your appearance, you’ll also get to choose from one of several hilariously robotic voices that your character will speak in. Seriously, play this game with the sound on.


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