TAIPEI, Taiwan — For years, rapper Fat Joe has been imploring us to lean back, but up until now, PC gamers have had a hard time taking his advice. Even with the myriad methods of bringing Windows games to your living room TV — home theater PCs, Steam in-home streaming and more — it’s a huge hassle to use a mechanical keyboard or high-res mouse from the couch. Who wants to balance a heavy QWERTY on one knee while rolling a pointing device down the other leg?

Enter the Corsair Lapdog, a portable lap-sized table with a secure slot for your keyboard, a small mouse area, complete with pad and an 18-foot USB/power cable that can reach all the way to your entertainment center. The keyboard and mouse’s USB wires tuck neatly under a lid with a clip holding the mouse cord in place. 

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At Corsair’s Computex suite, I had a chance to play a little Grand Theft Auto on a giant screen while putting the Lapdog on my lap with a Corsair keyboard and mouse attached. I found the accessory extremely comfortable and easy to balance on my knees. Its soft, stuffed bottom felt like a pillow against my legs. However, the shape of the bottom prevents the Lapdog from balancing on a flat surface. Corsair reps said they are considering making changes to the accessory to make it more table-friendly.

At present, the space allotted for a keyboard is made to fit a Corsair K65 tenkeyless keyboard. The company says it may add support for other keyboard sizes in the future, but the current setup fits the keyboard very snugly, which means that it’s unlikely to fall out even as you tilt the Lapdog back.

Corsair reps said that the Lapdog’s design isn’t final and that they may still tweak it before it comes out later this year. They are targeting an $89 price point for the product by itself or $200 for a bundle which includes the keyboard.


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